Simply Sounds – Best Tracks 1993-2000 /Soul Bossa Trio

Simply Sounds – Best Tracks 1993-2000 /Soul Bossa Trio


  1. Tell me a bedtime story/Herbie Hancock (from Nature Vision)

  2. Hope/Sonya Vallet (from In Native)

  3. Bayu Bayu/Viadimir Vassilieff (from Taste Of Soul Bossa)

  4. Song for the Soul/Mondy Michiru (from Wildjumbo)

  5. You and I, Together/Minako Obata / Minako Obata, Gonzalez Suzuki (from Nature Vision)

  6. andel, andel /Francis Silva / Gonzalez Suzuki (Single release only)

  7. Focus in the Future/Fumiko Yoshi / Junko Wada (from rad. 2000)

  8. Hey! Pocky a-way /Fleo Mocentelli, Cyril Nevilly, Joseph ""Zig"" Modeliste, George Porter Jr. (from In Native)

  9. Rio /P.Simmons / J. Baxter (from Nature Visionbr)

  10. Secret Code/Teruma Hino, Gozalez Suzuki, Toshiyuki Matumoto, Koichi Matsumoto(from rad. 2000)

  11. How Insensitive /A.C.Jobim, Vinicious De Moraes (from Nature Vision)

  12. Touch and Go/N.Harris, A.Fnlder (from In Native)

  13. Ain't No Sunshine/Bill Withers (from dancing in the street)

  14. Dindi /A.C.jobim, Ray Gilbert (from Wildjumbo)

  15. You Can Fly/Julianne Spicer (from Wildjumbo)

  16. Dolphines /Fredneil (from Dolphins)